Bonjour, Je suis Vinette francois et j'ai crée mes 2 sites internet avec les Script de EGN et je suis très satisfait du produits et aussi du support répond à tous nos questions et ont reçois de l'aide. Encore merci EGN pour ses super Script très pro. Cordialement, Francois Vinette http://cashmatrix.biz


Vinette Francois

Mantes La Ville


Date: 07/05/2014


It has been a pleasure working with EGN Systems. The systems work extremely well; the Staff have been very efficient, supportive and demonstrate knowledge in what they do. Thank you EGN for all you do.


Kenneth Thomas

Macoya Gardens


Date: 06/05/2014


I was a bit lost while installing an EGN script today. So a quick message to EGN customer support was the best deal of the day. EGN managed to answer in less than 8 hours which is a good response IMHO because I was a customer support officer,once not long ago. Thank you EGN...you folks are a helpful bunch!!


Rg Trade



Date: 06/03/2014


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Gilles Sagot from Canada:
 Hello Sir, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent support you gave us. I had a big problem with the paypal subscription fonction. I tried to solve that problem alone but I wasn't able. I sent my problem to the support team website. And surpise, less than 48 hours were needed to improve all my settings for that great script. One more time, thank you ... I can know sell my products. Best regards Gilles 

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Let us begin this year with new hope, new targets and new projects to write new stories of success… May our professional relationships grow and prosper in this coming year with our hard work and dedication… Happy New Year 2018!   Our Best regards, EGN Software 
The newest update for product Bitcoin Member to Member Donation is available now, This release come with features and improvements: Add ability for other currency as default, Now supporting currency BTC, USD, CNY, JPY, SGD, HKD, CAD, NZD, AUD, CLP, GBP, DKK, SEK, ISK, CHF, BRL, EUR, RUB, PLN, THB, KRW, TWD And rate to BTC will be taken from https://blockchain.info/ticker Update of template "responsive" And other fix and Improvements. Download your copy The update is available to dow... 
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 We are pleased to release a new software in lineup of EGN's products: egViralShop - Online shop + Network Marketing System egViralShop - is a complete Online Shop/ Shopping cart software with Network Marketing System. You can sell anything online and increase sales by running a network markting plan such as Binary plan, Revolving matrix and Regular matrix working simultaneous. This software is also working with Pool bonus, Gift bonus with Ranking system, ePin for registration, eCou... 

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