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Sales FAQs

What does EGN Sofware sell?

We provide software/script based on PHP and MySQL, to build your own business website like Member Get Member, Referral System, Affiliate Program, Spillover, Binary Plan, MLM or Network Marketing (with unlimited width and depth), Randomizer, Support System, Force Matrix (support recycling matrix) also Classified Ads

What are EGN Software payment ways?

We accept payment through various eCurrency and WireTransfer. We also accept payment using Western Union for order cost more than $500, please contact us for more information.

I have been cheated by other vendor, How i can trust EGN?

We run this business since 2005 and start this website since 2007 and we have worked with people around the world. If you have any issue regarding our product, please contact us to get solutions.

Is the purchase price a one-time fee or annual?

The purchase of product is one-time fee. There is no hidden fee and We do not charge any annual fees.

How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?

Please wait within 1-3 hours for the activation of your account. But if you do payment using credit card, the process will need more time because we need to wait for fraud review by credit card processor, this process will take 12-24 hours, please be patient for the fraud review process, we will activate your order as soon as your payment was approved by our payment merchant.

How I will get the product?

You will get the product by downloading in Client area.

Can I cancel a purchase and get the money back?

We log all activities in Client area. If you have downloaded or filled the license for your purchased product then the purchase can not be cancelled and the money is not refundable.

What is EGN Refund Policy?

Please look at all aspects of the software you are interested in, make sure you visit the product's demo site before purchasing. We cannot refund your purchase price if the software is work as promised as seen on the demo, or you decide that it is not something you want or need.

I don't have a domain yet. Can I still purchase your product?

Yes! You can purchase our products now and update your registered domain name later.

Can I buy additional licenses? How much does it cost?

Yes. Additional licenses can be purchased in Client area. The price is cheaper because you will get 20-30% discount for additional license purchases.

Will i pay a monthly subscription?

NO. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription. You can use the product as long as you have the files!

What is a period of free updates?

For every purchased product, you will get free updates for the product for 1 year. If the period has expired but you want to keep using the latest update of our products, you can buy more time limit of free updates in the client area with cheaper price (40-50% discount ) instead buying the same product again.

Can I order a customized software / custom development?

Please send the details of the customization through our support ticket. We need to understand it first before deciding to work on it or not, also to determine the cost and the time frame.

Does EGN Software give hosting services?

Yes, we serve hosting and domain purchasing to support your business activities, please open hosting page for the details.

Can I get discount?

Yes for registered clients, you will get discount up to 30%. For new clients we give discount only on special event, like promotion period, special offer, or on the occasion of special days. If in our website occurred "discount" writing, it means you have the right to get discount from certain product.

How can we buy EGN products?

Make sure you have understood the product you want to buy in products page, then open order page , Choose the product which you want to buy, then complete the form order and do the payment. You can get the product which you order by downloading it in member area.

Will you design my website for my purchase?

It is depend on your order. For product purchase only, we will only install the software with the standard look like the demo website. We will not work with your website design such as editing header, footer, images, content, etc.. But for Complete Website Design package, we will work completely with your website creating a ready to use website.

Can i see your Complete Web Design demo/example?

For the software demo you can see at Demo page. But for complete web design package, we only start to work once ordered. Because we will work based on our client's request and every needs may unique. If you have any sample design to use, please provide to us and we will work to create it for you.

How to order Complete web design?

You can buy Complete Web Design service on page "Complete Web Design"

I am a Web Designer, Is there an attractive offer for me?

Yes! You can use our products for your client's website. Besides getting a discount up to 30% (after first purchase), you can buy another type of license (Professional & Enterprise) which allow you to hide our  Branding information or Copyright Notice at your clients' sites, so your integrity will remain intact, and your reputation increases. The price for this license is not expensive, so you still get profit of each project.

Products FAQs

I have a WordPress website, can i use your script as backend or member's dashboard only?

Yes you can use WordPress website as front end and install our product as back end (members area / members dashboard). With this way you can easily manage your content with WordPress and run your business plans using our product.

How to use your software as members only and use WordPress as front page?

You can install WordPress in root directory of your website and then install our product in a sub directory as members area.  Step by Step Tutorial available here...

I don't understand about Php and MySql, can I still use your script?

Yes, if you can make simple page with any Html Editor like Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc.. We can quarantee you to build any application using our products, because our products are using Full Template System which can make you use them easily, even for those who do not understand about the script at all..

Does EGN Software give tutorials for every products?

We enclose the tutorials for every products in account area. We also provide lots of important tutorial for you to learn it in order to make you become reliable webmaster.

Does every product of EGN Software provide install file?

Yes! We enclose install file in every product, so it will make you easy to do installation with only a click. You only need to upload the file, run the install.php, then the application automatically installed in your web server.

Do you offer free installation?

Yes, the package price includes free installation. Just fillout the free installation service in members area and we will respond to you very shortly.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Most of the professional web hosting company already support for our software requirements:
        * Web server with PHP 7++
        * Web Space 50 MB ++
        * CURL must be installed and be compiled into PHP
        * Free IonCube loader is required by PHP
        * Php register_globals = Off
        * Cron job in Cpanel
        * MySql database
        * Sendmail or Smtp

How do I check my server configuration is right for your product?

We provide a test file to check server requirements in the package. You can also check the Server configuration by contacting your host provider.

Can I see a demo of the product before ordering it?

Yes, you can! You can see the script demo in demo page.

Can I use your product on my local server/ Offline method?

There is a special instruction, Please contact us by Support Ticket to know how to do it.

Can I build several website for the products which I buy?

We sell software with licensed domain. You can use the main domain license to any subdomain in it. To install on the other domain you will need to buy additional license with discounted price.

Can I change the domain license some day later?

NO. Domain licenses are FINAL, can not be changed for any reasons. So you must make sure that you already have the domain before filling the license for the product.

Can I remove Branding Information or EGN Software's Copyright notice on my website?

There are 3 types of licenses, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. For Professional and Enterprise licenses are allowed to eliminate Copyright information, while the Standard license is not allowed. Standard License is the default type given to any product purchase, but you can upgrade the license by purchasing "Upgrade License" in your account area.

Can i install the product on my own web server??

Yes, You can install the product on your own web server, we are not push you to use our server.

Can I move my installation to a new server?

Yes. You can move your script installation to another server, all you need is only to check the new server spesification, make sure about the server requirements.

Can I change the design of the product?

Absolutely YES. You can change the look or design of your website, add an animation, add banner and change the text/ sales letter with easily. You only need to edit the Html templates using your favorite Html editor. You can also translate into another language with easy way, you only need to translate the language files.

Support FAQs

Will I get any bonus to support my business later on?

Yes! We give lots of bonus which you can use to support your business. There are hundreds of software collection which can be used as your business products. Please download all in member area.

If I facing difficulty in making website with your script,will I still get help?

Yes, we will support youn until the product has been installed correctly on you server.

How long do I get support after purchase?

We offer 1 year of free support with your purchase. You can extend the support for a nominal fee.

What type of issues does free support cover?

Our support team will assist with initial Software installation, general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script. For modified script, we charge a small fee.

How long does it take to get a response from support?

All your queries will be responded within 24 hours.

Can I get support by Text/ SMS?

Text/ SMS service is for questions about purchases and mild questions. For other inquiries please use Support Ticket. But you can just send text to tell us that you have sent a support ticket so we can immediately read it.

May I know the EGN Software working hours?

Purchases can be made for 24 hours straight. Activation process and other services at 8am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm. Then in the evening is at 8pm - 12am.

If my question is not answered, what am I suppose to do?

Please write to us using our Support Ticket.


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 Hello I am very happy with the work they gave me egnsoftware Thank you very much for the services you have given me. Thank you. 

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